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With these available add-ons, whether you want to relax and let your worries melt away, or experience a more clinical treatment to address specific areas of pain, each customized massage session is designed just for you. 

These add-ons will be incorporated into your scheduled massage.


Hot Stone Therapy/Cold Stone Therapy

Massage Gun (Percussive therapy)

Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial Release


Cupping causes a negative pressure, suction pressure, created by silicone cups on the skin. The cups can be moved from place to place on the client's skin for a massage-like effect or remain stationary for not more than 2.5 minutes. It can assist lymph and blood flow, loosen soft tissue, and sedate the nervous system.


Cupping yields beneficial results for serious complaints requiring deep tissue or clinical massage. It's safe, comfortable, and highly effective for many health conditions. Pressure can be adjusted and it's non-invasive for most clients.

Benefits of cupping include:

  • releases rigid soft tissue and joint stiffness

  • lymphatic drainage

  • enhances relaxation and the nervous system 

  • releases myofascial restrictions

Helps relieve symptoms from a wide variety of conditions:

  • Head/Neck/Face (sinus, headache, TMJ, whiplash)

  • Shoulders/Arms (frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel symptoms)

  • Legs/Feet (shin splints, plantar fasciitis, IT Band problems)

  • Spine related symptoms (SI joint pain)

  • Pre- and Post-Surgery (scar tissue)

  • Sports Injuries

Your therapist uses a variety of different cup styles and sizes, chosen based on the application and what's best for the client.

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What is a Hot Stone & Cold Stone Massage?

Hot Stone: Add this wonderful treatment to a focused area or full body on your next session. A delightful warm treatment using heated stones to rub away tension.  Hot Stone massage uses smooth basalt stones that have been heated to ease muscular hypertonicity and fascia restrictions, promote metabolism, and increase circulation. Some of the heated stones remain stationary on specific points on the body, while others are used for massaging.

Cold Stone: has a myriad of benefits.  In addition to relieving stress and helping the body to relax. It especially helps with sport injuries, swelling, areas with pain due to trauma, overworked or inflamed tissues. Great for Migraines, TMJD, Headaches among other concerns. The chilled stones have a soothing effect, refreshing and stimulating. They can be used to cool the body on a warm day or during hot flashes.

Hot/Cold Stone
Massage Gun

What is Percussion Relief?

A Massage Gun is a type of percussion technology to relieve muscle tension in targeted areas. Pair this option with your massage session.  Percussion massage devices are used in a variety of ways to help improve performance and relieve everyday aches and pains. 

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What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger points can be implicated in a wide range of common conditions that involve chronic pain, including sciatica, plantar fasciitis, to name a few. So what are Trigger Points?


Trigger points are hyperirritable tissue that is in a focused area that cause discomfort/pain, when compressed may radiate to a different location on the body. 

Your therapist will use ischemic compression-digital pressure-to help relieve trigger points.  Pressure is applied to a ‘knot’ 30 seconds to 90 seconds, until a change in the tissue is felt.

Trigger Point

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial release is a manipulative treatment that attempts to release tension in the fascia due to trauma, posture, or inflammation. Connective tissue is everywhere in our bodies, it also goes by the name fascia.  Fascia surrounds the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs of the body. Points of restriction in the fascia can place a great deal of pressure on nerves and muscles causing chronic pain.


Gentle sustained long stretching strokes are meant to balance tissue and muscle mechanics by applying this technique to the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.  Treating these 

restrictions leads to a reduction in pain and increased mobility. 

Myofascial Release
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